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Refund and Returns Policy

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Unlike coffee, which usually goes cold in about 14 minutes, by law, customers within the European Union have the right to a ‘cooling-off period’ of 14 working days of their purchase being delivered.

If you decide to return a non-perishable item to Ridgeline Coffee during this period, you will be entitled to a refund of the cost of the item and the delivery charge, but not the return charge.

The ‘cooling-off period’ does not apply to products that are custom made, personalised (ie. roasted to order coffee) or perishables (i.e coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee bags).

If you are, however, returning an item because it is damaged, faulty or in any way defective, we will refund the delivery and return fee upon receipt of the goods, because we don’t stand for bad coffee!

Please get in touch with us via with your refund claim.