Why Choose Fairtrade?
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Why choose Fairtrade?

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At Ridgeline Coffee, we have had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of mountains. The experiences we have had have enriched our lives, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the world as we have. 

It was therefore important for us to sell coffee that considers both the people that grow our coffee, and the impact our coffee has on the environment.

Define: Fairtrade

You have probably heard the term “Fairtrade”- likely as a synonym for “ethical” or sustainable”. But, unlike those appealing terms, “Fairtrade” is a term that has distinct criteria- instead of just being words chosen by a marketing professional trying to make a product attractive. One person’s definition of “ethical” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as another’s.

The Fairtrade certification means the customer (you!) knows that the product is sourced in a truly ethical way. Fairtrade assures that the product you receive is of a high quality, while also guaranteeing high standards and protection for their workers. Fairtrade ensures that the workers always receive a stable price for their crops, and, when prices go up, so do the farmers’ wages.

Fairtrade = Premium

As many of us will know from our own communities, the presence of an industry can have a huge effect on the surrounding areas. That’s why Fairtrade gives a “premium”, on top of the price of the product, to its farmers and workers: either to spend developing their business, or to spend within the community, on projects such as developing housing and education.

Our daily cup of coffee is such an important part of our lives, which we gain so much pleasure from. That’s why at Ridgeline, it’s so important to us that our coffee is fair to the people who grew it, and to the planet. That’s why we are proud to supply Fairtrade.